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JMJ Speech and Language Solutions is dedicated to providing optimum therapeutic interventions. We use through research, and evidenced based techniques.


JMJ Speech and Language Solutions offers licensed speech language pathology and Occupational therapy.  Over 100 years of combined professional experience is represented at JMJ Speech and Language Solutions working with both children and adults

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We are grateful for the help they have given my son!  He started not speaking and now he talks.  They helped him grow in his vocabulary and ability.  I am thankful for the patience and love they have given to our family.

-G. Delagdo

Have you ever met someone in a professional and thought we need to be friends?  Randy Austin fits that bill.  He is an excellent speech therapist.  He knows how to engage kids, is easy going, and flexible with his schedule.

-J. Black

My son enjoys every session.  All of the therapists provide great care!  He has improved a lot and started speaking words.  We are very happy with our experience.  The reception is always very accommodating and helpful.

-R. Wang

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